Platform Wars

RU / Day 1 / 10:30 / Track 1

Ah, these enthralling interactions between us, our business rivals, partners, modern platforms and community. In the modern turbulent IT world sometimes it is hard to see the main point of what is happening behind regular news. Some IT giant is releasing another super innovative project. What's behind it? How to understand that it should be invested or as it often happens in six months this project will go in the doldrums. Through the prism of JetBrains company, based on the experience of victories and failures we will try to understand the modern IT market.

The connection between tooling and platform is like an atom of interaction in the IT market. Clouds role. IDE role. Why did products develop as they developed? All this and some insides, tales, intrigues, investigations and even a little bit of gamedev in a report about the global IT market.