The Turkish gambit. Business application in half an hour

RU / Day 1 / 17:30 / Track 2

Suddenly your team gets a chance to write a project from scratch. The deadlines are tough, you need to write business logic, but the infrastructure is stuck. After a couple of months you realize that the deadline is close, open browser tabs are growing exponentially and each task, each meeting raises more questions than answers. Autofac or Castle Windsor? Entity Framework or Dapper? NLog or Serilog? Rich model or Anemic?

Alexey's team was in such a situation. They needed a fast start and a solid frame for a huge enterprise-project so they can focus on business logic and not think about infrastructure. Their solution was ASP.NET Boilerplate (ABP), the framework from Turkey.

During this session, Alexey will tell how to make high-quality complex applications on the .NET stack in a short time. There will be several demos as a result of which firstly you get a working web portal with a lot of things (auditing, plugins, SignalR, localization, etc.), secondly the explanation of how these things were implemented.

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