Machine learning for C# developers: Introducing ML.NET

EN / День 1 / 14:00 / Зал 2

Need to incorporate ML and AI into your next project, but not excited about learning Python? ML.NET is Microsoft's new open source ML and AI library for .NET developers. With it, you can create sophisticated machine learning models that perform sentiment analysis, fraud detection, and other predictive analytics using the same world-class learning algorithms used in Microsoft products. And you can do it all in C#. Join the fun as Jeff takes a deep dive into ML.NET, presents numerous real-world code samples, and demonstrates that C# programmers, too, can live on the cutting edge of ML and AI.

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ML.NET претендует на звание самой мощной библиотеки для машинного обучения на платформе .NET. Узнаем так ли это от коллеги Джеффри Рихтера по Wintellect, активно взаимодействующего с разработчиками продукта.

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